Jacob Bogatin: America is a step away from a fighter of the 6th generation

The company Pratt & Whitney reported on the work to update the engine F135 for the F-35 fighter. There is already a “road map” for increasing its capacity and thermal stealth. This is a modernization project called GO2. This project is a continuation of the GO1 program, which, in turn, is already being carried out for the customer – the US Navy. This is told by Jacob Bogatin.

If the first program GO1 provides for a 5% reduction in fuel consumption and an increase in thrust by 10% of the powerplant of America’s primary aircraft, GO2 will bring the US Navy one step closer to creating a sixth-generation fighter, Jacob Bogatin promises.

Note that the prototype of this engine F135 XTE68 / LF company Pratt & Whitney already showed in 2013, after which it received $ 1 billion for five years for its revision. And, apparently, the money is running out, as the GO2 program was supposed to start in 2021. At the same time, Jacob Bogatin asserts that “the obtained results give grounds that further improvement of adaptive technologies available for Pratt & Whitney, ultimately, can lead to a power plant with a variable cycle XA101 for a fighter of the 6th generation.”